Monday, October 20, 2008

What REALLY Happened to my Cousin Flor

Ate Flor Flores and daughter Aubrey

Less than two weeks ago, our family asked for prayers for my cousin, Ate Flor Manzano-Flores, because she was under comatose in a hospital somewhere in Mandaluyong. After a few days, my Dad texted my niece, Aubrey, to ask how Ate Flor was. She answered "wala na po si Nanay" (she's already gone). After that text, my Tatay decided to call the wife of one of Ate Flor's sons to get some information about the preparation for her wake. She said that the plan was to bury her on Saturday prior to that day.

After a few days, we found out that my cousin's still alive.

What happened?

This is the final and official report of the events that transpired during that week.

The family decided to just wait for Ate Flor's sons and husband to return from overseas. When they return, all of her life support will be removed from her body, and she will be buried at our province in Nueva Ecija. So, needless to say, when my nephews and cousin arrived, they "pulled the plug" from my her.

She died.

That same day, they brought Ate Flor's body to Nueva Ecija. A hearse was rented to bring Ate Flor's body to the province to be prepared there. At the back of the hearse, my cousin Ace was with her Mom's body.

During the drive at NLEX, the vehicle hit rough road. When Ace checked on her mom's body, one of her hands jerked and the cloth that was covering her was moving at the area where her mouth was!

She... well... WOKE UP!!!

Now, my cousin is still under coma, and her whole body in experiencing hematoma. She is now in Nueva Ecija, under the care of her son Benjie and his wife.

I... am now lost for words...


  1. We are just happy that my niece and nephews are just laughing about the whole thing. :)

  2. there are things we can know but the things we can never know, we leave it up to our God of mystery. God's mercy be upon your ate flor and family.

  3. whoa! thats scary... but im glad it happend...

  4. God is really really powerful.. grabe thats great!! glory to Him

  5. Now that you mentioned it... if Ate Flor knew what was happening... but she can't do anything about it...

    Buti na lang nalubak at napansin ng anak nya.

  6. this should be in the headlines. Great!!!

  7. Oo nga, 'no? Sana me makabasa, he he he. Human interest na balita. :)

  8. waah! tumaas balahibo ko kua nio...
    it's a miracle... tsk!

  9. hindi miracle yan! negligence ng hospital and doctors yan

  10. She died. They checked for vitals, they already gave her a death certificate. Don, what's wrong with you? Do you really have to be such a pain?

  11. things happen in this world for a purpose. God still has plans for her and the entire family as well.