Tuesday, February 3, 2009

That "JESUS" Sign

That “Jesus” Sign

Written on Tuesday, February 3rd, 2009 at 2:21 pm | by Eyriche Cortez

People already took notice of the “Jesus Alone Saves” neon sign on a building located along EDSA northbound in Guadalupe, Makati.

In fact, Last December 2008, Paolo Lorenzana, in his “Hot Fuss Sundae” column in the Philippine Star daily newspaper, wrote about the sign which he called “Literally, the Holy Grail of signs along EDSA”. (Read more about it in my blog:http://straightfrompastor.blogspot.com/2009/01/sign.html )

Sadly, in an adjacent lot to the building, another outdoor advertising company recently built a big billboard that obstructed the sign. I learned that an employee of the company that put up the “Jesus” sign called their attention while they were constructing the new sign. They gave the assurance that it will not block the view. Now, you could not make out the “Jesus” sign.

The “Jesus” sign is a landmark already in EDSA. It has encouraged a lot of motorists and commuters along EDSA. That sign is one of the rare signs along EDSA that give hope to people. Now, just because some people wanted to make a quick buck on an advertising vantage point, they just block it out of sight and, sadly, out of mind. For me that’s crass commercialism.

Personally, I have decided that I would boycott the product of whoever would advertise on that sign that blocked the “Jesus” sign. It’s my own protest against seemingly insensitive, greedy people.

I want to see that “Jesus Alone Saves” sign again… unobstructed… unhindered.

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  1. Wonderful? In what way? For or against? :D

  2. I mean you have a wonderful face :)

    Anubeh! Xempre ito ang wonderful ---> "I want to see that “Jesus Alone Saves” sign again… unobstructed… unhindered."