Monday, June 8, 2009

Help!!! Looking for Long Lost Cousin

Her name is Sharon (Rose or Joy?) Manzano. I've met her a few years back when I was either in my late teens or early 20's. It was actually a weird meeting. I answered a phone call, and on the other end of the line is the voice of a lady looking for my Uncle, Delfin Manzano. I said he is my uncle, but he does not live with us, although I have an idea where he lives. Apparently, this girl who was looking for my Uncle is my uncles' daughter from a previous affair he had. Everything was confirmed, my Uncle did owed up to what he did in the past, and surprisingly, my Auntie wasn't that mad (according to my Dad who contacted them as soon I told him the story of the phone call).

After a few days, Sharon came to our house. When I first saw her, I had no doubts in my mind that she is, indeed, my Uncle Delfins' daughter. She was wearing a black mock-turtle neck blouse, and I vividly remember her wearing a gold chain with an "S" pendant. She came to our house with a companion, I think it was her aunt. Questions were asked... some were a bit unnerving, some were expected (are we related to Edu Manzano???). After that meeting, after she found out that her Dad is a carpenter, I never heard from her ever again.

Why am I looking for Sharon? I believe that we crossed paths because it was intended for it to happen. I believe there is a purpose for our meeting. And right now... My Uncle Delvin, I've been told late this afternoon, already died.

To who-ever knows a Sharon (Rose or Joy?) Manzano, please let her know about this blog... that she may know that her Dad has already passed away. Uncle Delfins' body rests in Taguig, but for my family's security, I'll just tell her (if ever she contacts us) in person where it is specifically. Please help me find her. But if she refuses to contact us, then at least we've done our part.


  1. Yep, sinubukan ko na din. Thanks.

    Found out my Uncle died of lung failure due to his chain-smoking habit. That's a total of three uncles lost to the same reasons... people, wise up.