Monday, April 26, 2010

Gabbie Hospitalized

She called me to have this photo taken... My goodness...

Gab was hospitalized a few weeks ago. She's now okay. I bought her an Elmo stuffed toy and lots of balls (her favorite toy) to keep her occupied during her stay at the Manila Doctors Hospital.

Thanks to all who prayed for her while she was there. She was diagnosed to have typhoid fever. She's still under medication but she's a lot more better now than she was before. And she has stopped vomiting every morning since last week. Thank God. :)


  1. such a cutie pie! but is that a diaper on her wrist?:D bring gabbie on sunday!

  2. He he he, yep, that's a diaper. To prevent her from seeing the needle and deterrent na din para di matanggal tanggal.

    I'll try. Supladita 'to, eh. Haven't tried bringing her out ng ako lang. :D

  3. Ha ha ha, I'll show this to her po, salamat po. :)