Monday, July 15, 2013

"Nio Manzano" does "Quirky Creatives"; Brides in Waiting

FINALLY!!! One of my favorite husband and wife team!!! Photographer Noel Salazar and his wife, hair and make-up artiste Rae Venturanza-Salazar agreed to do a collaboration with me for something I’ve been DYING to do for months now!!! Super duper thanks also to Claire Celiz-Pascual of Beauty Blog M.D. for some of the romance novel-esque lines used in this set. 

Most brides dream about the perfect wedding. From the gown they’ll wear down to the minutest detail. What goes on in their mind? What happens before the vows? Take a peek into the lives of two brides Sophie and Candace. The brides in waiting.

Earrings by Ken Samudio
Candace’s eyes flutters open and realized she fell asleep for a full hour.
"Candace! There’s not much time!" someone yells.
She sinks down to the bed in horror then glances at the bedside table. A bouquet of roses is waiting, with a note from Edward.
"I can’t wait to marry you. You are perfect in every way."
The world shifts, and everything is right again.
Gown by Eric delos Santos, earrings, Ken Samudio
The coordinator is calling out orders left and right to her team. The sound of the hairdryer is deafening. There is chaos everywhere in the hotel room. It makes Sophie more anxious. 
She picks up her iPod and puts her earphones on. Shania Twain croons softly and blocks everything out. She picks up two sliced cucumbers and places them over her eyes. “Call me when it’s my time."
Earrings by Ken Samudio, Philips earbud earphones from Pleshy Wee

“What do you think about me is not my business; the important thing is what I think about myself …”  ― Robert T. Kiyosaki, Cashflow Quadrant: Rich Dad’s Guide to Financial Freedom

"I am perfect, I am perfect, I am perfect, I am perfect," Candace started uttering to herself.
Gown by Erwin Lee Tan, earrings, Ken Samudio
"Seriously," said Sophie. “I think all I need is the tiara."
Gown by Eric delos Santos, earrings, Ken Samudio
"What is that?" Candace asked Isabella, her maid of honor.
"A burger?" condescendingly answered Isabella.
"I haven’t eaten yet."
Candace fluttered her just attached, false eyelashes at Isabella.
"Ugh, you’re impossible!!!" cries Isabella as she gives the burger to Candace.

Gown by Erwin Lee Tan, earrings, Ken Samudio
"Some maid of honor you are, Isabella," shouts Candace from the bathroom. “Who orders extra onions on a burger before a wedding?"
"That was not for you, Honey," shouts Isabella back, trying to hide her impish smile.
Gown by Eric delos Santos, earrings, Ken Samudio
Sophie looks at the bedside alarm clock… 30 minutes before she leaves for the church. The waiting is making her anxious. She’s been drinking like a camel and has nearly emptied her one liter bottle of Evian.
"Oh well, might as well," said Sophie, then made a mad dash straight to the restroom.
Gown, Eric delos Santos, earrings, Ken Samudio, panty, Forever21
"I wonder what’s Edward doing right now?" Candace has been fidgeting with her lips for the past 30 minutes, and her make-up artist has been giving her the evil eye every time she puts on and removes her lip-gloss.
Gown, Eric delos Santos, earrings, Ken Samudio
"Look here please," says the photographer. Sophie is just eager to please the photographer, who’s a huge deal in the wedding industry. “Can we have the flower girls with her, please?" She’s imagining her photos being featured in the photographers’s website, or maybe even in wedding magazines. “Good, now look down to the girls… uh-oh…" Sophie’s revelry was suddenly cut, as she notices something “extra" on her wedding gown. “Uhm… okay, that was… unexpected…" Sophie wanted to throw a chair at the photographer.

On Anne, N+Studio gown, Ken Samudio earrings. On Andy and Gaby, Alzano gowns. 
"Okay, Candace, we’re ready to go," said Candace’s coordinator. When she was being escorted outside her room, she was surprised to see another bride in the corridor, having her photos taken… by the photographer she wanted for her wedding.
Sophie looked at the other bride who’s gawking at her, and recognized the gown she was wearing. That was the Eric delos Santos gown she wanted, but she opted for the one she was wearing… all her friends thought she looked better in this one.
Both brides just looked at each other, wanting what the other has.
"You look absolutely radiant," Candace broke the silence, “and congratulations."
"Thanks," replied Sophie, “congratulations to you, too."
And they waited no more, on their way to meet and marry the man of their dreams.

On Rodina and Anne, Eric delos Santos gowns, Ken Samudio earrings, and N+Studio bracelets.

For Noel Salazar’s blog, click HERE.
Photographer; Noel Salazar
Hair and make-up artist; Rae Venturanza-Salazar
Concept and styling; Nio Manzano
Dresses; Eric delos Santos and Erwin Lee Tan (for the gold gown)
Earrings; Ken Samudio
Headphones; Philips (Pleshy Wee)
Models; Rodina Luspo and Anne Barker
Flower girls; Gaby and Andy delos Santos
Some captions by Claire Celiz-Pascual

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