Saturday, September 28, 2013

Young and Scambitious; Novel Cover Photo Featuring Alexandra Lapa

It's one of those normal days when Alex and I talk about, well, basically nonsense, when she injected the idea to me to be the one to take her photo for a book cover she is doing for Mina V. Esguerra. I have to be honest, though... I am not really a book reader (shocking!!! Well, not really) and that was the first time I've heard about this witty and very talented Filipina author. I guess it really didn't sink deep enough for me to realize that what Alex was telling me was sort of a big deal (okay, it IS a big deal). I mean, how many times have my photography been featured in a book? Let me answer that... ZERO!!! I mean, yeah, I get photos here and there in magazines and newspapers (most of the time, I'm not even credited, but hey, as long as I know I'm the one who took it, and I have the original copy to prove it's mine, and nobody is taking claim of the photos, I'm happy) but a book is a book!!! May it be digital, paperback, or hard bound (in this case... digital)

Anyway, enough babbling, more showing. Here is the original photo together with the cover art Tania Arpa did for Mina's book.

Young and Scambitious
a short story
by Mina V. Esguerra
Photography, Nio Manzano
Model, Alexandra Lapa
Cover art, Tania Arpa

I always remind myself, though, that my loyalty is towards my fashion styling. But seeing how I'm able to merge both styling and photography together, I guess that's the direction I'm willing to take this career to. I wish I can show you more of the photos that Alex and I shot for Mina, but for now, all we have to do is wait. There are so may cool shots that we both liked while we were doing this photo session, considering I was nursing a fever during that day.

Funny that I learned something valuable during these past few months. I have been neglecting my photography for so long believing that I need to focus myself on styling only, so that I can be a better stylist. But since people (friends, other photographers, models, fashion directors, etc etc) have been seeing something in my photography that I apparently don't, it has made me come to realize that perhaps there is "something" there. I mean, when I started in the industry, people always thought I was a photographer. I guess it's time to surrender. Maybe I can be both... maybe "I AM" both; a stylist AND a photographer. And I guess there is nothing wrong with that. 

To grab a copy of this book, click here.