Thursday, November 21, 2013

Noel and Rae; A Promniversary

You will notice something very obvious about this post... there's a lot of pink and orange. Actually, it's the couples's favorite colors, Noel, orange, and Rae, pink. Believe it or not, it took months to make this "promniversary" a success. Noel and I have been talking behind Raes' back (oh, no, have I said too much???) trying to figure out what we were going to do to surprise her. To be honest, most everything we did for this are all Noel's idea. I think he already had a picture in mind, and it is him who coined the term "promniversary" (quirky, yes?). I can't believe I've only known these guys for less than two years, and now, I'm styling for this special event in their lives. Noel, YUDAMAN!!! Rae, he's a keeper. Seal it with a baby already!!! :P

For Quirky Creatives' post, click on the name.

Photography | Angie Ong of Quirky Creatives
Styling | Nio Manzano, assisted by Chris Munar
Location | The Picasso Boutique Hotel
Cheesy Song List | Shayla Sanchez
Invitation Design | Rica Venturanza
Wrist Corsage and Thing Boutonnière | {etc} Handmade Goodness

UPDATE!!! What a blessing!!! We're featured in Rebelious Brides!!! Check it!!!


  1. Hey, those are my shoes! HAHA! Please tag PPM there since the photos and styling are gorgeous :)

    1. Yeap, they're your shoes!!! He he he. I like those heels. I've been looking for a plain black pair like that for my styling stuff. Does PPM have black?