Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Ezra Santos; Red Cross Charity Ball

Ezra Santos and Nio Manzano (that's me)

Last October, we were busy backstage for Red Cross' annual gala. Again, we were part of Noel Manapat's amazing style team (#TEAMManapat) and this time, it's Dubai based Filipino designer Ezra Santos that we styled for for the event. I have always been shifting gears from stylist to photographer during these events, and each time, I am excited to go home and see what I was able to capture (although it takes quiet some time for me to be able to edit and post the photos online, ha ha!!!) In this entry, you'd be able to see some of the painstaking details of the garments Ezra showcased during that night. As a collection, it's totally different and fresh from his counterparts in Dubai. Take a look for yourself.

Tassels and crystal beading details on a bell sleeve.

Circular, 4 dimension bead-work.

Models' look-book

Interesting Swarovski crystal shapes.

Swarovski crystal belt

Crystal prints on a neoprene dress with interesting Swarovski crystal "thorns". 

Pain-staking bead-works

Krystal Espiritu and her surprised look.

Noel Manapat dressing up a model.

Feather cap made by Dennis Celestial

The quirky, funny and friendly Valerie Weigman

Direk Ariel Lozada and his Cookie Monster bowtie. WINNER!!!

Monika Sta. Maria in a gold, paillete, form-fitting gown.
One of my favorites that night.

"Hello" back detail.

Noel Manapat doing his final check of the models before they hit the runway.

Red bride Rodina Luspo.

The finale dress that weighs more than the model.
Of course, we wouldn't be able to do all these efficiently without the help and aid of our assistant stylists and styling assistants. They've been with us for the past couple of years, and we are truly thankful to them for always trying to be available to us.

Ezra Santos and Noel Manapat with the whole #TEAMManapat styling team.
Sabrina See, Jund Rian Doringo, Dinah Manzano, John Sherwynn Chan, Ash Aquino,
Jonathan Rivera, Will Cheng, and Jeffrey Penaranda.

Thanks again, Noel, for always thinking of us during these events. We are truly honored to work along side of you, and we hope you'd never tire of asking us to help you out during these fashion events. And to Ezra Santos, a huge thanks for being that approachable you. Your humor and calm disposition made us all feel relaxed back stage or even when we were preparing for this event days before it started. GOD BLESS YOU!!!

I honestly can't wait for next years' gala, because we already know who the designer is going to be. Care to take a hint? Wag na! :P

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