Thursday, January 1, 2015

Metro Weddings; Love on Sandy Shores, October 2014

Blush pink gown by Eric delos Santos for KARIMADON, earrings, Em Mariano, ring, N+Studio

Happy 2015, everyone!!! I promised to update this blog before the year ends and put all my 2014 projects here... but... family first!!! And I'm sure I've skipped a project or a campaign before this... actually maybe a few.

Anywho... so here is another Metro Weddings editorial I directed and styled. I conceptualized with Rae Venturanza-Salazar (W@w top, make-up artist), a friend I got to know more over the past two years. She showed me the pegs for something desert-ty and I absolutely loved it. Made me think of getting hitched in Vegas then hitting the desert to snap photos of the bride. For this editorial, Noel though of putting the original photo next to how it was layed-out in the magazine. I used some of them for this entry.

Found at the table of contents
Earrings by Em Mariano, ring, N+Studio, gown, June Samson Pugat

Gown by Eric delos Santos for KARIMADON, earrings, Em Mariano, ring, N+Studio

Earring by Em Mariano, ring, N+Studio, Gown, Ryan Madamba

Gown by Eric delos Santos for KARIMADON Brides, ring, N+Studio

Gown by Ryan Madamba, earrings by Em Mariano

Gown by Eric delos Santos for KARIMADON, ring, N+Studio

Gown by June Samson Pugat, earrings, Em Mariano, ring, N+Studio

Earrings by Em Mariano, diamond ring, N+Studio, gown, Jor El Espina
It was fun shooting this editorial. Everyone is on high spirits, PLUS during this day, Sam let us in on a little secret that was a blind item until they made it public, hahaha!!! It was during the ride on-going to Ilocos where Sam said "...may boyfriend na ako... hulaan mo" until she said it was in fact, Enchong, hehehe. First of all, I had no idea there was a blind item, until Noel and Rae said "Ah, ikaw pala 'yon," and then our driver looked back to check out who this "girlfriend ni Enchong" is. Hey, Sam!!! You still owe us a fan-sign!!! JUST KIDDING!!!

By the way!!! In-between shoots, we did a "side-photoshoot" with Eric delos Santos' gowns with our Spanish intern Sara. I'll post them here pretty soon,but for now, take time to take a gander at this editorial and take a second look.

Or, to see more of this editorial, click on this link for Quirky Creatives.

Love on the Sandy Shores, as modeled by Sam Lewis
A Metro Weddings Magazine Editorial
Styled and creatively directed by Nio Manzano
Assisted by Sara Nicolas Gonzales
Photography; Noel Salazar
Makeup; Rae Venturanza-Salazar
Hair; Archie Vergara


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