Friday, January 30, 2015

Steveston Pizza; Best Pizza EVAH!!!

Eric Galos, Nio Manzano, Kris Evangelista, and owner Richard Go.
That's 6 pizzas, all packed with fresh, premium, toppings!!!

A few months ago, "Style List" featured this pizza place located at UP Town Center. Steveston Pizza is a Canadian based pizzeria that is part of The Guinness Book of World Records for having the worlds most expensive pizza for 2012. It is also pegged as the best pizza in Vancouver. Now, Steveston has two branches here in the Philippines. The other branch is located at Tomas Morato in Quezon City.

Style List hosts Nio Manzano and Kris Evangelista with Steveston shirts.
I got a taste of these pizzas during an editorial shoot for a clothing brand. We were all hungry, but Karen Go (daughter of Josie Go, owner of KARIMADON) said that there's pizza on the way. And boy, those pizzas are worth the wait! Karen boasted that the pizzas are grease-less except for one, which is aptly called the Caveman Pizza. It is topped with a lot of bacon, pepperoni, lean beef, and capocolli. SALIVATE!!! TULO LAWAY!!! MY GULAY (it has no veggies in it) NAKAKABALIW SA SARAAAAAP!!!

"Have you tasted a Caveman?" Meat meets meat and more meat!!!

Yes, it is packed!!! That's nearly 3 inches thick!!!
Back to the other pizzas being grease-less... Yes, they are!!! Karen asked me to looked at my table napkin when I was eating the Gorgonzola pizza, and yep, less to almost no grease. Mr. Richard Go explains that the reason for that is because of the choices of ingredients they use for each crafted pizza. And as much as possible or available, they use organic ingredients. 

For my birthday, Ms. Josie Go gave me Php5,000 worth of gift certificates for Steveston over the Php3,000 she already gave me last Christmas (YEY, HOORAY!!!) So, of course, I had to share it with my friends for a late birthday treat.

The perks of being a lifestyle host and a stylist.
William, Nio, Wendy, GJ, Jamil, Dane, and aloof Joseph at Steveston Pizza UP Town Center.
The verdict? They all enjoyed the pizzas that we ordered. Here's what we ordered. Of course, let's start first with the all time favorite Caveman.

The Caveman... again!!!
So unanimously, it is a crowd favorite. Actually, almost every table at Steveston ordered the Caveman. And like all other pizzas at Steveston, the tomato sauce they use does not over-power the taste of the main ingredients. Actually, if memory serves me right, they don't use tomato sauce on ALL the pizzas, just some. And unlike other pizzas here in the Philippines and considering that this dish has a tonnage of bacon, it is not as salty. This pizza will make any vegetarian cry because of the carnage of meat topping the whole thing!!! We ordered two of these bad-boys. 

Next, the Blue Cheese. Stinky delicious!!!

The Blue Cheese Pizza

Rosemary-smoked bacon, caramelized onion, mushrooms, baby spinach, Stilton blue cheese mousse... Perfect!!! This is Dane and Ate Wendy's second favorite. If you're not into cheese, though, I suggest you try to avoid this one, since the mere stench of it made Jamil almost hurl, ha ha ha!!! But if you are, take my word for it. This pizza is AMAZING!!!

The C1 Pizza is ridiculously amazing!!! First of all, you are assured to get at least 50 plump and fresh shrimp per pizza together with 1 large tiger prawn per slice, crab meat, essence of Pernod, and tomato salsa. A pescetarian paradise!!! 

I'm saving my favorite pizza for last, which is the C2 pizza.

I never knew I love prosciutto the way I do if not for this pizza. A hearty serving of WHOLE slices of prosciutto ham, brie, semi-dried roma tomatoes, and a dollop of roasted, garlic mousse... Excuse me while I wipe my drool (wiping). This pizza is INSANE!!! No, you don't get shreds of the famous Italian ham, you get FULL STRIPS!!! Pardon my Tagalog... ANG SARAP!!! BWISET!!! If you're after quality pizza and wouldn't mind the price (it is an expensive pizza) then please do yourself a favor and order this bad boy. I'm sure you won't regret it!!! (hashtag #IthinkIusedtoomanyexclamationpointsinthisentry)

If you think all pizzas taste the same, you have to try Steveston Pizza for yourself. Each pizza is a different, taste-bud experience. You'd be surprised that some of the pizzas are a bit on the sweet side because of the ingredients. It has something for almost everyone, whether you're a meat-lover, vegetarian, pescetarian, or any combination of those (meron ba? Ewan.) For me, it is THE BEST PIZZA in the Philippines. Take it from me... I love food!!!

Check out Steveston Pizza's Facebook page for more details. Also, thanks to Jamil Castillo for some of the photos in this entry (I suddenly miss my iPhone 5S, but... bigger things, PEOPLE!!!)

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