Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Antica Murrina Venezia; Philippine Launch Featuring Ryan Madamba

Maggie Wilson, the face of Antica Murrina Philippines
I got to know Ryan Madamba during the preparations for my couple-friends wedding last November of 2013. Actually, when they mentioned that he's the one who's going to create the gown for the bride, it was a different "Madamba" that's on my mind, so imagine my surprise when we went to his shop (I should've known already since we obviously did not go to Quezon City where the Madamba I know lives) and was face to face with a much younger person. Ryan was tall and very confident. We clicked instantly and I'd dare say we consider each other as friends now.

So, since then, I've been Ryan's "in absentia" guy when he's not available for his important shoot or events. And, of course, as his stylist for his major shows. And this, I think, is his 2nd. Antica Murrina's Philippine launch was presented together with none other than Ryan's creations made with abel iloco (fabric that's indigenous to his province of Ilocos). Here a video of what happened that day.

Antica Murrina creations are made from high-quality, glass-blown, Venetian beads. They're not the typical ones since the simplicity of the designs makes it possible for you to wear them with just about anything. Here are some of the samples of their pieces.

I most specially love their simple, drop earrings because they look very elegant. I actually NEED them in all possible colors for my styling needs because of its versatility.

I've rarely worked with Ryan with just models. It's usually with a celebrity or socialite in tow, but this one takes the cake. Several celebs and socialites modeled for this one. And THANK GOD there's not a diva among them! Each and every one of them are chill; Tessa Prieto, Rica Perralejo (who's such a sweetheart!!!), Kylie Padilla, Divine Lee, and so much more.

Jenny Nardone, co-owner of Antica Murrina

Photos from megastyle.ph
Before I forget, I'd like to give a special shout-out to my accessory and jewelry designer friend Christopher Munar for creating that hat Tessa Prieto is wearing (and in such short-notice also).

Unfortunately, I'm a bit short of photos from the event since I was caught off-guard that I have to cut my team into two groups because there's two back-stages. But everything turned out for good, thank God, and not much drama happened that's not fixable.

Ryan Madamba with Issa Litton

Ryan Madamba and Imelda Marcos

Antica Murrina is available at the fine stores of New World Hotel located at the ground floor. Also visit their website at http://www.anticamurrina.com.ph/

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