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White Light; A Metro Weddings Magazine Editorial, July 2015

White Light; A Metro Weddings Magazine editorial
I've been through a phase. I think seeing all the clutter in my studio led to this... creative explosion of blank, clean, uncluttered, editorial. Not to mention I've been going from one event to another featuring wide, open, industrial designed venues.

I guess there will come a time, in a stylists life, where "couture" or stuff that's "out there" becomes a bit redundant. That's why I concocted this editorial. Nothing fancy, "no styling" styling (if there is such a thing... like "no makeup" makeup)... just the model, the dresses, and an awesome team of creative people "pulled back" to tame things down a bit. Not to say that this one didn't go through a thorough thought process... it's actually more difficult to think clean and simple, because every bit of mistake will be seen. Just like a lengthy article, every bit of grammatically error and wrong speling will be seen, probed, poked, and slapped on your face. Not to be redundant... but again... here's another editorial I creatively directed again... and again... and I'll do it again.

I wanted to feature a jump-suit. I've seen a few weddings online where the bride wore one. So when I saw Eric delos Santos' black jumpsuit on his Facebook account, I immediately asked if he had a white version of it... to which he said "no", but he'll gladly make one for me. So... here it is!!! Thanks, Eric, love you!!!
White, jump suit by Eric delos Santos. Wreath bouquet, Dave Sandoval.
Tubular, brass brooch with quartz by Em Mariano. Earrings, stylists own.
When I contacted Davao-based designer Erwin Lee Tan if I can borrow two pieces from him, he sent me five!!! Unfortunately, three of the pieces did not meet the briefs' requirements, but this one is on-point.
Full-skirt wedding dress with pockets and ribbon detail, Erwin Lee Tan.

Statement earrings, Christopher Munar.
I originally asked Jaz Cerezo if she'd be able to lend me two of her Manila Fashion Festival pieces for this editorial... she sent three. And all were maximized to good use.
Neoprene dress with cape, Jaz Cerezo.

Pearl, drop-earrings, Christopher Munar.
Another Manila Fashion Festival piece, this time, from young designer Mark Tamayo. When you look at this piece closely, you'd see that the bodice is intricately sewn together. And to think this came out the runway with a huge trench-coat covering it. 
Intricately paneled, wedding gown, Mark Tamayo.

Pearl headpiece and bouquet, Christopher Munar. Silver earrings, Em Mariano.
This is a group favorite. Another young designer, Harvic Dominguez, made this number. It's actually Mark Tamayo who sent me the photo for this piece. The texture on this skirt is really a breath of fresh air.
Textured gown with cover-up, Harvic Dominguez.

Earrings, Christopher Munar.
Mark Tamayo made this gown specifically for the shoot. I actually sent him photos of dresses I'm gravitating towards to, and this is what he came out with. And the pockets are a nice surprise. Thanks, Mark. 
Low-neck, cut-paneled wedding gown with pockets, Mark Tamayo.
Bric-a-brac bouquet, Michelle Stephane Jingco for Alzano. Earrings, Christopher Munar.
This Erwin Lee Tan dress actually didn't make the brief, but I love the fullness of the skirt. The neoprene, Jaz Cerezo poncho changed the silhouette of this dress and made it looked more fashion-forward. This is actually one of my favorite looks in this set.
Neoprene poncho, Jaz Cerezo. Full-skirted wedding gown, Erwin Lee Tan.

Earrings, Christopher Munar. Wreath bouquet, Dave Sandoval.
I asked designer friend Jaggy Glarino if he had anything that looks like origami in white... then TA-DAAAA!!! He showed me this number and I just absolutely begged him to let me borrow it. A pair of Twinkle Ferraren palazzo pants completed this look.
Origami top, Jaggy Glarino. Palazzo pants, Twinkle Ferraren
Back detail of Jaggy Glarino's top.

Crystal, chandelier-earrings, Christopher Munar
Sculptural and very interesting... from the material to the technique used in forging this piece. Jaggy Glarino created this one again. And although it had beading on it, it's not the focal point of the piece. The whole garment is the focal point!
Sculptural, "sayote" fiber, knitted dress, Jaggy Glarino.

Earrings, stylists own. Bouquet of succulence, Dave Sandoval
It's no secret that Ryan Madamba is a friend of mine, and this piece is proof of that. He made me this skirt last minute because we're close like that, haha! Thanks, Ryan, you're the best!!!
Tuxedo shirt and voluminous, tulle-skirt, Ryan Madamba. Belt, Christopher Munar

Headpiece, earrings, and necklace, Christopher Munar.

This is another piece I saw online, but in another color. I asked designer Roel Rosal if he had a white version of it, he said "no" but he's willing to make one for me. I love my designer friends. Thanks for this, Roel. 
Stretch jersey, Grecian gown, Roel Rosal. Bric-a-brac bouquet, Michelle Stephane Jingco.

Earrings, Christopher Munar.
This dress is a photographers' dream come true. As is, it looks impeccable. But if you want movement, BAM!!! There you go. This Jaz Cerezo piece is something I'd want to see someone wear down the aisle. Super chic.
Neoprene dress with cape, Jaz Cerezo.

"Winged" neoprene dress, Jaz Cerezo.
For this editorial, I decided to keep the hair and makeup clean and simple, focusing on the eye and two shades of lip color for transition. Andrew Jardenil made our model look absolutely gorgeous, and Chris Lopez, considering I called him last minute for hair styling, is a gem with his hair tools and tricks.
Earrings and pearl bouquet, Christopher Munar
I absolutely can't wait for my next editorial to come out. That one is really close to my heart. And it's coming out in the next few days, so YEY!!! If any of the pieces in this entry piqued your interest, don't hesitate to contact me and I'll gladly tell you more about them, perhaps even connect you to the designer. I'm working out on my backlogs, so please be patient as I post more stuff in the next few weeks.

And be sure to get a copy of Metro Magazine to see which photos made the cut!!! 

WHITE LIGHT; A Metro Weddings Magazine editorial
Creative/art direction and styling; Nio Manzano
Assisted by John Sherwynn Chan and Jund Rian Doringo
Photography; Ash Reginald Evasco
Assisted by Melvin Evasco
Makeup; Andrew Jardenil
Hair; Chris Lopez
Model; Svetlana of Ideal People
Emerald and diamonds engagement ring; Em Mariano (used in all the looks)
Shot on location at Green Sun Hotel

Special thanks, ALWAYS, to Michelle Katigbak-Alejandro of Metro Weddings Magazine. Love you love you!!!


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