Monday, May 15, 2017

Into the Woods; A Metro Weddings Magazine Editorial (Part 2)

Set design by Jo Claraval
 "All things work together for good..." is a favorite Bible verse I inherited from my late Nanay, and believe me, this editorial had its own problems, but in the end, ended up exceeding my expectations. For one, I originally had a different set stylist for this one, but because of schedule conflicts, he didn't pushed through. I did, however, already had Jo Claravall in mind originally, but to be really honest, I was... intimidated. I've already worked alongside of Jo, but this is MY project, and Jo is a PRESENCE!!! So anyway, long story short, we had a meeting, and ended up working together for this Metro Weddings Magazine editorial offering. The set is really amazing, and it deserves a separate post from the main editorial. Good thing Shaira thought so too, and took these amazing shots of the set. Add cake artist Michelle Stephann and Junjun Ablaza's vintage fur collection, drop the mic, it's a win.

Details of the cake by Michelle Stephann.

By Jo Claravall

Blue birds for Michelle Stephann's cake.

Cakes and pastries from Sonja's.

Set by Jo Claraval

By Jo Claravall

Amazing set up by Jo Claravall

Fur pieces from Junjun Ablaza

The whole, woodland themed cake by cake artist Michelle Stephann.

Creative direction, Nio Manzano
Photography, Shaira Luna
Set design, Jo Claravall
Fur pieces, Junjun Ablaza
Shot on location at Sofitel Philippine Plaza Manila, thanks to Ms. Debbie Galang.

Deo gratias!!! TO GOD BE THE GLORY!!!

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