Monday, May 14, 2018

Every Tribe; A Culturaly Inclusive Editorial

I'd consider this version 1 of something that I've been dying to do for the longest time. I'm just thankful for how opportunities drop on my lap as they come, and I'm careful to discern if it is the right time and if I'm with the right people. I'm also thankful for the likes of designers Susanne Verallo and Happy Andrada for this opportunity to highlight their creations and create something that is inclusive in this world where exclusivity is slowly becoming the norm. This is our way of cutting off that cord and hoping for it to never take root.

Makeup by Rouchelle Battad and Alex Escobal 

Makeup by Rouchelle Battad and Alex Escobal

Makeup by Rouchelle Battad and Alex Escobal

Every Tribe
Creatively direction and styling, Nio Manzano
Photography, Louie Faundo
Garments, Happy Andrada
Jewelry, Susanne Verallo
Makeup, Rouchelle Battad

Models, Nadine Vera Duran and Torhild Lia Sk√•rnes

Deo gratias! To God be the glory!!!

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